Active directory sharepoint user validating

This differs from the original Share Point App Model where the trust was with Azure Access Control Service (ACS).

is the fact that you are authenticating & obtaining an access token from Azure AD.

As the collaborative sharing of information becomes a more and more critical aspect of today’s business environment, managing access to Share Point environments for an increasing variety of users and organizations is becoming an equally important challenge.

Fortunately, Share Point 2013 supports a variety of authentication methods and authentication providers for efficiently handling the authentication for users both within and external to an organization.

The Share Point Server role requires the following prerequisites: The Share Point Service Account is the account that the Share Point application pool will run under.

This account probably already exists in your environment, but there are some permissions that should be validated to ensure that the K2 integration with Share Point functions properly.

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a user can access on a Share Point site once they have been successfully authenticated.

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