Console flicker updating when win32

Generally double buffering is used to avoid things like shearing, which I doubt you're having problems with in console mode.I recommend following Mad Cow's suggestion - his comments are spot on. drawing the content while it's being updated), then create two buffers, and keep a pointer to the current one that's been updated and render from the other.

But is it really impossible to hide child console window completely?

Thus, I am getting a LOT of flickers on the screen and it's a big case of headache.

I was told to have two screen buffers, and when one is being displayed, the next screen is being drawn on the other buffer.

What's wrong with The problem is, I don't know what "child console programs" are. You are only asking how to make a child console window invisible.

I'm questioning why you need the window at all, if the user doesn't need to be able to interact with the program running in that console window (your question indicates that you originally thought this to be the case, but have since changed your design).

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Please teach me how to do that for console, thanks.

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