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(Before we get started, a bit of housekeeping–one of those Breatharians I mentioned a few posts ago decided to stop trying to photosynthesize and go back to semi-normal food.

No one begins dating someone hoping to break it off someday.

Yet remember that ultimately this is a decision each person must make. On the other hand, you have a responsibility to do good to that person as your Christian brother or sister.

If you agree with the counsel you are receiving, own it. Paul says in Colossians , “Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another.

“I talked to X about this, and he/she thinks we should break up.” It’s tempting to do this rather than taking responsibility yourself. Be careful in how you share details of how you are processing, especially if you're struggling to build up the other person in your speech. Remember our responsibility to do good to all Christians, even your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

When it comes to deciding whom we will or won’t marry, we need to take advice. When our hope for the relationship is shattered, it is tempting to play the details over and over in our minds until they fester. It’s okay after the breakup to distance yourself or set some boundaries in order to protect your heart—give it some time to heal.

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  2. In many cases, however, the lines usually get crossed.2. This means he is not yet sold on you and he is just checking out the prospects of you becoming the future Mrs. You might as well be strangers, except that you have a basic need that forces you to meet on mutual grounds.