Has ellen degeneres dating a man

At this moment, Ellen had a hilarious response, which was raising the roof. “But, I might make an exception to the rule for him,” Nicki concluded.

PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Been Divorced Twice Before 40 “I remember on some dates we went to an old club in Taxarkana.Obviously, she was a lot of fun — her wit and humor, she always had that.That kept things alive, kept the conversation good.” So smitten was De Generes at the time, that she’s previously admitted she thought Heath was the one saying, “I wanted to marry Ben desperately.” She added, “I’m sure I’d have a nice place with Ben somewhere, and we’d have kids, and I wouldn’t have known.I suppose it’s natural human curiosity to wonder about other people’s sexual lives and proclivities.Perhaps to measure other’s sexual selves against our own to figure out how we measure on the sexual scale, what is ‘normal’ or just for the abject titillation of it all.

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Why was the answer to this question so important and why did it matter?

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