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It has publicized through constant propaganda campaigns the idea that common citizens have basic rights, elevated the concept of the "rule of law" to constitutional status, and recognized the validity of human rights norms with a new constitutional clause stipulating that "the state respects and protect human rights." Yet, Chinese lawyers continue to face huge obstacles in defending citizens whose rights have been violated and ordinary criminal suspects.

This report shows that lawyers often face violence, intimidation, threats, surveillance, harassment, arbitrary detention, prosecution, and suspension or disbarment from practicing law for pursuing their profession.

This is particularly true in politically sensitive cases.

Furthermore, David Cameron has personally intervened by authorising a dossier to be drawn up and sent to the Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority (SRA)[4].The prosecution is not required to prove that the person alleged to have been stalked or intimidated actually feared physical or mental harm.If any of the elements the prosecution is relying on cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt, then you will be found not guilty of the offence.We condemn attacks on Phil Shiner and anyone else whose legal work is focused on ensuring state accountability.Lawyers will not be discouraged and neither will Phil Shiner who works to the highest professional standards[5] to secure justice for his clients who make allegations of ill-treatment, arbitrary detention and unlawful killings against the British government . Stop attempting to intervene with the SRA’s investigations of Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) and influence their findings 2.

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A simple threat can often lead to the laying of this charge.

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