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He was cleared of domestic violence charges against his ex-girlfriend Jessica Peris last year.Now, Sydney NRL player Shaun Kenny-Dowall has sparked romance with Big Brother alum Lisa Clarke after the pair were spotted on the red carpet this week.

Dax asks Anthony who Lisa is, and he says that Lisa is their friend. Anthony hears someone jumping on the bed, so he turns around to see Ian and Tony doing a "mid-air chest bump" off the two beds. " and Anthony asks if he can join, but Ian tells him that only "Real Men" can do the mid-air chest bump. / MY BATHROOM SECRET / If The Internet Was Real / I'M NOT RACIST!!! / HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER / Food Battle 2011 / The Internet For Dummies / THE DITTO - Movie Trailer / XTREME SLEEPOVER! With the help of several funding rounds, Maker grew into a massive network that now claims 6.5 billion monthly views and more than 450 million subscribers.At the time of their departure, the Donovan duo no longer claimed formal roles at Maker, but they remained a part of the company’s board.Zappin was an early You Tube adopter who posted videos as Danny Diamond, founded Maker Studios in 2009 with Lisa Donovan (his girlfriend at the time) and her brother Ben Donovan.Maker has also been home to some of the video-sharing site's most popular users, including Donovan herself, Shay Carl and Kaseem G.

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