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Ray Loveday, from Pottergate, thinks he has spotted 40 “anti urination devices” (AUDs) in Norwich, which he believes have been added on to buildings to stop men from urinating there.The 83-year-old, who began recording his findings in 2012, said: “Because these little brick concrete things in a corner, well what else are they for?

I do have children who I adore and see as often as possible. Baldhi there :o).shaun..a 47 year old who still feels and thinks like a 30 year old lol ..i love to have a laugh and a cheeky flirt but deep down i'm a true romantic at heart,i believe a lady should be treated like a lady and her fella should be a proper gentleman...(so dont asking for my number in ...He added: “I think the trail is going to open people’s eyes to something that they probably have seen but never knew what it was for.“But I do know at least one person who has tested them out and the splash back effect does happen.” In the booklet, Mr Loveday tells of his first encounter with AUDs, which was in Swaffham during the 1940s.He said: “My brother drew my attention to little brick or concrete features fitted into some buildings.Bald I am Barry and no it's not Scot lol anyway outgoing and fun to be around.I drive and have my own place i love to travel and i enjoy festivals and live music looking for someone to chill with and to get to know ...

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