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– A 26-year-old Lebanon man is back in jail without bond after he is accused of breaking his community corrections and probation agreements by accessing the Internet.

Damion Neese has pleaded guilty to sex crimes against children in 2012, 2014 and most recently in 2016.

Play Station has still not acknowledged the issue, despite EA Support pretty much confirming to their fans that this was a PSN issue.

Most recently the EA Support Twitter feed wrote: "There are issues with the connection to the PSN at the moment.

A judge sentenced Neese to two years community corrections and one year of probation following his 2016 case and as part of that agreement Neese was supposed to not access the Internet.

Court documents show Neese admitted to accessing the Internet on July 17 by use a temporary Xfinity internet card and a Playstation 3 to get on Facebook.

Activision has confirmed that they are working with Sony to try and resolve any issues, commenting: "We are currently experiencing network connectivity issues with Activision titles for players on Play Station Network."We are investigating this problem, and are working hard to regain normal connectivity levels.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation."Sony currently list ALL their core online services as offline, meaning some users are unable to even log on to their consoles.

There is currently no ETA for when the issues will be resolved, other sites are also struggling under confirmed Ddos attacks today.

Neese is due back in the Boone County Circuit Court at the end of the month.

A Boone County parole officer said if he’s convicted of breaking his parole agreement, Neese could serve prison time for his 20 cases.

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We're now seeing reports of the PSN not working for some PS4 and PS3 users in Europe.

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