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This kind of object is not referenced by any table yet. You have to use temporary LOBs when inserting new data to a table. Value is treated as array of bytes (byte[]), whereas Oracle Db Type. Open() 'Create temporary BLOB Dim my Lob As Oracle Lob = New Oracle Lob(my Connection, Oracle Db Type. In dot Connect for Oracle, you can create temporary LOB using Oracle Lob constructors. This is the difference to the way that data of LONG or LONG RAW types is stored in database - tables hold their immediate values. The next sample routines show how to upload a file from hard disk to server and download it back. Read Bytes(stream Length), 0, stream Length) 'Perform INSERT Dim my Command As Oracle Command = New Oracle Command( "INSERT INTO Pictures (ID, Pic Name, Picture) VALUES(1,'pict1',: Pictures)", my Connection) Dim my Param As Oracle Parameter = my Command. Another issue you should be aware of is temporary LOBs. To execute these routines you have to create a table that is described as follows: Public Sub Upload Blob(By Val my Connection As Oracle Connection) 'Open file on disk Dim fs As File Stream = New File Stream("D:\Tmp\test.bmp", File Mode. Read) Dim r As Binary Reader = New Binary Reader(fs) my Connection. Suppose I have 1) a table "t1" with blob data in it, and 2) an UPDATE trigger "tr1" defined on that table, where the triggered-SQL-action for "tr1" references the blob column from the updated ("new") row.Ex: create table t1 (id int, updated smallint, bl blob(32000)); create trigger tr1 after update on t1 referencing new as n_row for each row mode db2sql values length(n_row.bl); Assuming that t1 has been populated with some data, then attempts to update t1 will fire the trigger, but the result will be one of the two following errors: 1) If blob data is 32K... Note that for data larger than 32K, this error will occur regardless of whether or not the triggered-SQL-statement references the blob column.

So as far as I can tell, both of the above scenarios should succeed...

Download JDBC Driver The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server uses the JDBC advanced data types to convert the SQL Server data types to a format that can be understood by the Java programming language. CLOB values can be used with SQL Server 2005 (or later) large-value data types.

The following table lists the default mappings between the advanced SQL Server, JDBC, and Java programming language data types. Specifically, CLOB types can be used with the varchar(max) and nvarchar(max) data types, BLOB types can be used with varbinary(max) and image data types, and NCLOB types can be used with ntext and nvarchar(max).

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